the accidental cover-up

"Will you take a picture of my shirt for the blog?"

"Just the shirt or your face too?"

"Whatever you think is best." 

"Just the shirt." 

...and that my friends, is what honeymoon romance looks like. 

I wanted him to take the picture because I stumbled upon this shirt in Target and thought it was the perfect bathing suit cover-up. Only later, when I was looking it up online to share it with you, did I discover that it is in fact a plus-size shirt, never intended to be a bathing suit cover-up. However, I find it works quite well for that purpose and so I thought I would demonstrate it here in a photo for you. For $24.99 it is one of my favorite beach accessories and I would highly recommend it if you're in the market. In fact, I bought two because when you find something good at Target you should really stock up. 


*Sizing note: I bought a 1, but if you wanted it looser you could go bigger.