summer beauty

If my wedding taught me one thing, it is that it's incredibly time consuming to be a Kardashian. Those girls are in full wedding hair and makeup every single day. Let me tell you that is no small feat.

As someone who is not a Kardashian, and whose beauty routine hovers around the four-minute-mark, I'm always glad when summer rolls around and I can reduce my primping to the most basic of products. Here is what I have been relying on over the honeymoon and what I will continue to use over the next few months.

I am a paranoid hypochondriac incredibly diligent about applying sunscreen. My dermatologist recommended Neutrogena and it goes on my face before anything else. It does seem to leave a little bit of a chalky coating behind, but Mike says that's because "You're not supposed to put it on like a mask." So it's possible that is a result of my over-zealous nature rather than the fault of the product...better safe than sorry my friends.

Spray sunscreen has to be the best invention on earth. It helps even the laziest among us avoid sunburns (Darwin be damned) and this one actually smells quite refreshing.

I'm not the first to recommend this, but it is great for adding body to summer hair. Wash it, spray it, braid it, let it dry, magic.

Lengthens, separates, looks natural (le duh) and is waterproof. What more can you ask for in the summer?

I think I've said it before, but I have long eyebrows. They stay in place with this. That's all you really need to know.

Surely by now you all use this right? I mean I remember it being a splurge ($20!) when I bought it at 14, but it's still going strong and is one of the only things I have used on a daily basis for the last decade. So now that I sound officially old, tell me, what are your favorite summer products?


P.S. I'm still loving this perfect red lipstick for dressing things up a bit.