John Robshaw Bedding & Tilton Fenwick Interiors

I saw this image over on Erin's blog yesterday, and I immediately fell in love with the entire situation. Yes my friends, this is exactly what I would like my bedroom to look like right down to the vintage alarm clock. I am especially smitten with the beautiful bedding, which I tracked down and discovered was of course John Robshaw. John's bedding is always some of my favorite, but I am particularly in love with this exact pattern. Now, try as I may I cannot find this print currently available, but let me tell you something, the search is not over.

Now, since I am SO in love with this room, let's discuss the very talented ladies over at Tilton Fenwick who designed it. I have to admit they were new to me, but I spent last night browsing through their website and portfolio and let me just say, I highly suggest you do the same. They have insane taste and style. I cannot get enough of them. Here are a few more images of their work...

I mean, the chairs, the lamp, the mirror, the deer?!? I can't. It's too perfect.

And these ladies can certainly jazz up a bar, which you know holds a special place in my heart.

There is just so much goodness coming from all directions here. These ladies are definitely a duo to watch. Keep up with their blog here, and have an amazing weekend!