Honeymoon Packing

Last year, Joanna posted some great advice about packing for your honeymoon:
My friend Susan Cernek (who also happens to be the Fashion Development Director at Glamour) shared the best tip with me the other day: Pack in a single color scheme. "For my two-week honeymoon around Italy, I packed all blue and white pieces," she told me. "That way, I could pack more efficiently, and mix and match."
I thought this was the best advice, and I have followed it ever since. When I'm packing for any trip I make sure to pick things that are in the same color family and I religiously eliminate any clothes that don't fall into my selected scheme. It sounds a little rigid, but it really helps eliminate packing stress.

The funny part of this whole thing is that I too have narrowed down my daytime wardrobe to blue and white. And while, Susan opted for a red dress to add bold color, I have decided to go with pink.

Tomorrow I will give you a peek at my evening outfits, and we can discuss whether or not we think I have a pink-dress-purchasing problem. See you then.