Bedroom Makeover Decisions

This is my current bedroom situation. There's some good, and some bad (and yes, for those of you playing along at home, that would be a putting green on the floor). Our white duvet has seen better days and has been relegated to the end of the bed, and while I like the pillows, I think overall it's a little bit "blah." The one thing I do love? The roman shades my mom sewed for me.

You see, my mom does not love sewing. However, she does love me. So, when I moved to my new apartment and couldn't bear to part with my West Elm panel curtains that were now way too long for the space, she bravely took on the task of transforming them into roman shades. Let me tell you, that is not a job for the faint of heart. I received several phone calls from my father during the process hinting at just how much of a project it had become and how I "better thank my mother...."


So, after she slaved away creating these beautiful curtains (and let the record show, they were no easier to hang...THANKS DAD!) they are now an integral part of the room. AKA all designing decisions must (and should) be made around them. So, gray is our main color people.

Now, I have never been a big orange person but it has started making sense to me. I think it's all the time I have spent staring at the cover of The Things That Matter recently.

So, it seemed like kismet when I was strolling through Target Sunday and stumbled upon this bedspread, by no other than Nate Berkus.

Here is a closer picture of the pattern.

I didn't buy it because they only had it in king, and because I am oddly indecisive when it comes to bedding. Bedding makes such a huge impact on a room (especially a small room) that I have had a lot of trouble committing to a new pattern. Mike, not so much. After sending him the above photo with zero explanation he responded "buy it."

And you know what? I think he is right. The room really needs a pop of color to give it a little personality and I think this orange is great--bright (not too bright) and perfectly gender neutral. I also like how the small pattern will balance with the larger print on the curtains. And of course, we probably should mention the bargain price of $89.99.

My only hesitation? It also comes in navy...and as you know blue is my most favorite color in the entire world. What should I do? Is it time to shake it up a little? Stick with the tried and true blue? What are your thoughts?


P.S. I did not leave Target empty handed. I also picked up this dress for the honeymoon, and this Nate Berkus sculpture. Do you think I'm becoming some weirdo super fan?