sleek storage beds

If money were no object this is absolutely the bed I would buy for our apartment. You see, I saw one few years ago at a friends house and my mind was literally BLOWN when she easily lifted up her mattress (it's on a hydraulic lift) to reveal a wonderland of storage underneath. Now, hers happened to be filled with purses which might have added to the magic factor for me, but you have to admit, this is storage done well.

Sure there are lots of beds out there that offer storage, but most do so in the form of drawers. The problem with that is that almost every New York City apartment I have lived in* has been small enough that drawers were not particularly helpful. Nobody wants to move their nightstand (or a wall) to get to their storage. This bed however, is seamless.

Now ironically, at $6,800 a pop, it's not exactly something a lot of young mini-apartment-dwellers can afford. But, the terrible nice thing about New York is that no matter how old you are, and how much money you make, you probably still live in a space smaller than most Americans. So what's your consolation prize? You my friends get a bed with a hydraulic lift. Next stop Cribs.

And while this is something I can dream about, it's not something I'm going to be purchasing anytime soon. If you're in the market for a more budget friendly option this West Elm bed, while it does have drawers, is still pretty sleek. Mount yourself some wall shelves and swivel sconces and suddenly your nightstand is no longer an impediment.



*That would be seven to date. I consider myself some sort of expert...or vagrant.