Le Pain Quotidien: Central Park

Have you been to Le Pain Quotidien in Central Park? 

If not, you should put it on your New York City bucket list. It is pretty centrally located near the Mall and the doors open up to a patio that is filled with tables and chairs. Like any PQ, you can eat there or grab your food and head off to explore the park. I particularly like it in the mornings when it is filled with early morning walkers and their dogs who, because they can be off their leash at that time, can usually be found milling around on the patio waiting for their owners to get their morning latte. In addition, the people that work there are so nice that it actually gives me one of those incredible "neighborhood" feelings in Manhattan. I'm sure it's much more crowded on the weekends or in the afternoons, but it is so absolutely charming I just had to let you know about it. It is definitely worth stopping by. Let me know what you think!