the perfect red lipstick


Much has been written about the power of the red lip, but until recently, the perfect red lipstick had eluded me. I'm not a huge makeup person, so this hasn't been a lifelong quest or anything, but I have dabbled. I've tried them on at Sephora and even purchased a few only to discover time after time that my see-through-pale-skin (and not in a snow white way) is hard to get along with. I knew I needed something with blue undertones, but no matter what I tried everything looked too orange on me. Damn those adorable J.Crew models with their orangey red lips! They look so effortless!

Last week however, I stopped into Benefit Cosmetics with my friend Kelly (she is getting so much blog love) and while I was waiting for her to get her makeup done I tried on their Frenched lipstick and tada! Success!

Here is a shotty iPhone pic for evidence. 

Do you have a red lipstick you love?  

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