The Best Shirt for Your Man: Ledbury

Let me tell you something. I may write a fashion blog. But there is somebody else who runs the fashion show in our household. Mike is, for all intense and purposes, one of the best dressed people I know. His closet is insanely organized, well edited and full of labels I only dream about. The man has good taste, and he isn't afraid to use it. 

You feel me? 

So, I thought today we could have a little chat about one of his absolute favorite brands. Ledbury.

Ledbury is a Virginia based menswear company focused on producing high quality and beautifully tailored men's shirts.

From our years in London, we had acquired a healthy addiction for the tailoring of Savile Row and the shirting of Jermyn Street. We were always frustrated to return home to the States where the majority of menswear brands took a one-size-fits-all, profits over purpose approach. With a passion for craftsmanship, we set out to create a brand that delivered great fit and superb quality, all at an attainable price.
We learned the art of shirt-making by apprenticing with one of London’s premier tailors. We created a shirt that not only was a great fit and of the highest quality, but also added some innovation on the classic men’s design.
As the company has grown they have branched out and now produce blazers, ties, belts and socks. However, it is their slim fit shirt that we keep going back to.

As you may, or may not know, a good slim fit shirt is hard to come by. I love that Ledbury not only produces incredibly tailored slim fit shirts, but they also offer them in both casual and dressier styles. No longer does your slender man have to sport the extra parachute fabric on standard shirts. Like all clothes, the dress shirt looks best when tailored, and Ledbury is second only to having your shirts custom made.

If your guy doesn't fall in the slim fit category, have no fear, their classic fit shirt is, well, classic. I personally cannot get enough of the gingham print and I have a feeling we will be adding more to his collection this summer.

So, I hope you enjoyed this little foray into men's fashion. Pin/Bookmark this bad-boy for upcoming birthdays, anniversaries and sessions.