seven staples for spring + summer

The summers is Michigan are spectacular (as evidenced by my weepiness every time I see this ad). And while spectacular, they are also short. Because of this my warm-weather wardrobe has always been a fraction of the size of the rest of my closet. I love the feeling of putting my winter clothes away, and truly paring things down for spring.

Here are seven essentials that can carry you through spring and summer. I absolutely love J.Crew's three inch chinos and Tippi sweaters for chilly nights. My friend Jess turned me onto these umbrella print Toms, and these K. Jacques sandals (while an investment) are a French classic. I have been lusting after these adorable tortoise shell shades, and lightweight scarf for a while. They will definitely be making an appearance in my wardrobe soon. Finally, nothing beats an L.L. Bean tote to take you from picnics, to the farmers market, to the beach. Throw in some sundresses, wedges and bathing suits and you're good to go. 

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