put a ring on it: delicate rings + non-traditional wedding bands



Truth be told, I have never been much of a ring person. In fact, I have worn my great-grandmothers wedding band on the same finger since I was 16, and I have currently been sporting my engagement ring since, uh, we got engaged. Other than that, my fingers are generally ringless. However, I have been really into delicate gold rings lately.

And, as we have been exploring the whole wedding band (metal not music) situation, I have been more into what other people are wearing on their fingers. For casual, everyday cool, I am obsessed with these tiny rings from Gorjana and Otte.*

In terms of wedding bands, my ideas have really run the gamut. I love my engagement ring, but have seriously considered wearing it without a band.

OR with bands on my left hand and the engagement ring on the right hand. I like the casual, coolness of only wearing a band, but I also feel like it would be so, so sad not to wear my engagement ring at all, so that is kind of a compromise. #champagneproblems&champagnecompromises

OR, I like the look of wearing a really thin band (maybe with a contrasting color?) that doesn't look like it necessarily goes perfectly with the engagement ring. Maybe it's all those years of Laura Ashley dresses, but I just don't love the matchy-matchy look (sorry mom!). My girl Gwyneth rocks this look really well. (My girl Gwyneth does everything well. And she likes when I call her "my girl").


See? Thin band. It looks more casual than the traditional band-on-band action, don't you agree?(Although perhaps it's trying to be band-on-band action, but it can't be because it can't slide on up next to that boulder on her finger. Perhaps).

I am particularly obsessed with these diamond bands from Otte.

So much so, that I frequently pop in to try them on in various arrangements.

And then take pictures with my phone. See?

That would be the rose-gold, black-gold, white-gold, black-gold, rose-gold combination. Perhaps more commonly known as excess? There are several other variations that the lovely (and very patient) folks at Otte could tell you all about, but I won't bore you with those details. (Please do note the dead-beat bride non-manicured, scraggly-nailed hands though).

What are your thoughts on the band situation? Let's put my sign of endless love and devotion up to a vote, shall we?


*On a side note, I am totally obsessed with Otte (as you can probably tell by now). It is far and away one of my favorite boutiques in New York, and I highly recommend you drop in when you get a chance. It is well edited, well stocked, and brimming with inspiration.