currently coveting: Goyard tote

For all you fashion obsessed out there this will probably fall under the category of old news, but I would just like to put this out there: I am seriously coveting a Goyard* tote. That's what Oprah meant about putting things out in the spiritual world right? Oh it's not? Well let's try and see.

Normally I'm not that into a bag that is so popular, but I have to remind myself that before I moved to New York I had never seen one. Gasp! We just aren't that fancy in the mid-west. Besides, common or not there are two names that break my Idon'tlikewhateveryoneelsehas rule: Chanel and *now* Goyard.

This bag is a serious investment piece, but it is a classic. I am obsessed with the bright blue option. And, although I have long loved Gwyneth's, I think my new favorite is Karolina Kurkova's blue and orange number pictured above. Plus, you can monogram it. Obviously. So take that universe, and do what you will with it.


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*They are not sold online, and only available at Barneys and Bergdorfs in New York. You know, in case you are trying to go buy me one...