engagement pictures: Jacob Arthur Photography

This week my dear friend (and high school roomie!) Kelly was visiting New York. We got to chatting about all things wedding, and she brought it to my attention that I had never posted our engagement pictures.

I have to admit, I am absolutely, creepily obsessed with our wedding photographer Jake. He photographed both of Mike's sisters' weddings, and when we got engaged he was the first person we booked. He is so nice, so laid-back, such a good listener, so detail-oriented and...oh yeah...outrageously talented. I'm basically just looking for more excuses to hang out with him after the wedding. Monthly couples portraits? Anyone? Anyone?

Here are a few of our engagement pictures that Jake took last summer in Dumbo. And, while I am completely obsessed with Jake, the true test came when the shoot* took almost three hours and Mike didn't murder anyone, or complain for that matter. That my friends, is the height of praise.

If any of you are ever looking for a photographer for any occasion I cannot recommend Jake enough. He is exactly the kind of person you want to have around you on your big day, or just a regular day.


*We fancy huh?