chairs for small spaces

We love having people over. Dinner parties, cocktail parties, sporting events, sleepovers...we just can't get enough company. However, in a small New York city apartment, having house guests can present some challenges. Namely, where does everyone sit?

Right now, our dining room table (and by dining room I mean tiny nook) seats four people comfortably. And, since nine times out of ten there are only two people sitting there (so much math, try and keep up), this works nicely. When we do want to have more than two people over for dinner, we end up eating in the living room. Not my favorite. At all.

So, when I saw these folding chairs from Anthropologie last week, I was all TA-DA! And a small fireworks show went off in my head. You could either use them as your everyday chairs, or as supplementals that you keep in a closet until the party arrives. I love that they are more substantial than a normal folding chair, and covered in a fun, colorful fabric. They could also be spread out around a living room when you need more seating for sporting events or award show viewing (our household sees much more of the former, but a girl can dream).

I paired them here with the Ikea Docksta table, a less expensive version of my favorite tulip table, and these Society Social chairs* (I absolutely love Roxy and everything she is doing over there). The Society Social chairs are a perfect everyday choice that mixes beautifully with the Anthro folding chairs. And they come in a rainbow of colors...just sayin'...


*They are backordered right now, but you can be notified via email when they are back in stock. Just proof of how awesome they are.