adventures in gardening

Nobody has ever accused me of being a chef, but after my recent bridal shower (and slew of lovely kitchen gifts), I have been more inspired to delve into this domain-of-domesticity.

But you know what's really annoying? When your "simple" chicken recipe calls for four different kinds of fresh herbs, and each herb is $8.99. Mind as well just order Seamless.

So, this year, I decided to go all-in on the Martha front and grow my own plants (à la Nancy Botwin, except in the lamer, legal way). I headed down to the Union Square farmers market and independently contemplated and selected the most practical plants to purchase.

At least I'm polite...if not able to function as an independent adult.

I ended up getting basil, parsley,  rosemary, thyme and oregano. I ran out of cash so I skipped the mint, which is really going to hurt my mojito game.

As presentable as this looks. I thought we could probably do better. Enter Anthropologie. Where everything is better.

Ta-da! Playing with the pot arrangement, on the floor, in the store.

And before you start doing the math on how many herbs you can buy for the price of an Anthropologie pot, let me tell you this. They were shockingly well priced, and by shockingly I mean they were less than the pots at Home Depot.

I had even considered this boho recycling inspiration...


...but since I didn't currently have any tea tins, the Anthropologie pots ended up being about the same cost.

So here is the final result (dirty stove and all).

And in their new home (which is surprisingly hard to photograph).

Last night I made two recipes that called for parsley. I think that I have about nine more recipes before I break even, but I am confident I can get there.

For those of you who aren't feeling quite as ambitious, the clerk at Anthropologie introduced me to the coolest thing: KOBO Seed Paper Candles.

They come in four different scents; Wild Tomato Vine, Thyme, Sweet Sunflower and Fresh Cut Grass. BUT, the best part is that the boxes are made of seed paper. So, you plant the box and then it will grow that plant. Are you kidding me? Magic. Wouldn't they be a great gift for Mother's Day?