temporary tattoos...for adults

So. Let's chat.

I really admire tattoos of the small, delicate variety. I firmly believe they read more badass than their large, colorful, cousins. I, however, will probably never get one...for a variety of reasons starting with commitment issues and ending with the aging process.

However, that doesn't mean I'm above pretending to be cool. You see, I recently discovered Tattly. A company that, in their words, makes "designy temporary tattoos." That's right folks. You too can channel your inner badass for around $5. I particularly like the arrowswriting and quotes.

I mean, truly, was there anything more fun than getting a fake tattoo when you were a kid? The answer is no. They were cooler than cupcakes and tamagotchis and you know it.

So what do you think? Are you down? I may order a few for my bachelorette party...and by may I mean, am-definitely-so-place-your-requests-ladies.