spotlight on: Inslee by Design

Have you heard of Inslee Haynes

Maybe you saw the fabulous illustrations she did of The Man Repeller...?

...or Mrs. Lilien...?

If not, please meet Inslee, the uber-talented artist and illustrator behind some of the most beautiful fashion prints out there. 


And, even if your fashion resume is more admirer-than-muse, you can still pick up one of her super-chic prints (or calendars) to brighten up your space. Personally, I think these would make the perfect birthday gift for your girlfriends (at a great price point!). 

Do you need some inspiration on the daily? 

How about some chic notepads to make errands less tedious? 

I absolutely adore both! 

Inslee is also available for custom work. Check out the adorable invitation she created for a bridesmaids  luncheon, and featured on her blog...

Talent for days people. Talent for days.