eating clean: an update

a peek at my grocery cart this week

Happy Thursday! 

I wasn't planning on writing any more about the Accountability Cleanse, but since you guys had so many comments, I figured you deserved an update.

First off, for those of you who were worried about my protein intake, I am super appreciative of your belief in my self-control. But, you know, a strict fruits-and-vegetables-only situation was never going to happen. First off, there is the whole coffee thing. And second, off there is the whole life thing.

For example, Monday night I had a charity dinner and the only entree on the menu was steak. So you know what I did? I asked the waitress for the vegetarian option (which was fish, so I guess it was the pescetarian option, check yourself menu). And you know what? I ate it. And it was super delish. But, I skipped the alcohol, breads, cheese and dessert. If I hadn't been doing the whole cleanse, I would have probably said,

"Oh well, I guess that's my only choice," and "What is steak without wine? And bread? And dessert?!" #ifyougiveamouseacookie 

BUT! I was that girl and ordered fish. And you know what? Four other people at my table followed suit. Which just goes to show that a lot of times we want to make healthy choices, but aren't  sure how, or don't feel comfortable doing so. (And it also goes to show that no wonder that girl is so damn thin!).

And don't think I didn't eat the split pea soup at work yesterday that definitely had some sort of pork in it (again delish)...or that I haven't been ending the day with an apple and peanut butter...And you know what? That's pretty fabulous too. So, to say this has been a true "cleanse" is probably a big exaggeration. But! It has been small steps in the right direction.

My general take away from this whole situation is that it's good to share your goals with people. I'm usually pretty private about any of my health/diet desires. In fact, I wasn't sure I even wanted to blog about this...but I'm really glad I did. Your comments and support have totally inspired me.

For example, I know a couple of you mentioned how hard it can be to resist food at work. Well, Monday afternoon there were cupcakes at work for a birthday (of. course. right?). Without broadcasting my plan to you guys, I might have just said, well it is a birthday, and you know, shoveled a mediocre cupcake in my face. But, after putting it out to you guys, I knew that I wanted to make healthier choices more than I wanted to eat a cupcake (truthfully I don't even like cupcakes that much). And guess what? I'm still alive. I'm even still alive after my devil fiancé brought home a giant bag of Girl Scout cookies last night. I mean. Are. You. Kidding. Me? Girl Scout cookies? Kryptonite....However, after two days of healthy eating (I know I'm easy to convert) it was a lot easier to say no that it would have been before. Especially when he was eating Tagalongs four inches from my face. Devil.

I'm going to keep this emphasis on fruits and vegetables up, because really it's more about cultivating a healthy lifestyle, than doing a five day cleanse. I know when I eat better, I feel better. And believe it or not, even after three days of eating healthier I feel 1000x better. Which also goes to show that small steps make a big difference.

This still kind of feels like a BIG over-share for me (and for those of you who come here for pretty pictures, I'm sorry). But, I really do appreciate your support. I hope this has been helpful and encouraging to you in some way. Even if it's just to let you know that everyone struggles with finding their healthy balance at some point.

Now back to our regular programming.