The Best Gifts for Men: Kaufmann Mercantile

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, so you are probably deciding what to get the men in your life. Enter, Kaufmann Mercantile. Your one-stop shop for every man on your list. Started in Brooklyn, KM features sophisticated and playful men's goods at every price point. My personal favorite is the slingshot. I cannot think of one man I know who wouldn't be openly (or secretly) psyched to receive it. Or how about this waterproof "everyday carry" lighter designed to withstand almost anything (and make them feel like a badass...even if they are just going to the office...)? Or this spicy bloody mary mix by Brooklyn & Detroit based McClures? (I mean, my two home-states? Could it be more fitting?) My wish list is growing and it's not even for me... 

Happy shopping my friends!