Guest Series: City Saturdays

Welcome back folks! I hope you had a great weekend. Let's kick off today with another City Saturdays (it's never too early to look forward to the weekend right?). Up next, Donna from Donna Daily. Donna is your resident beauty expert and style guru. She taught me how to create the perfect curled hair (hint you need to comb it out after you curl) and she is just generally fabulous. Check out her favorite ways to beat the winter chill...

Hi Smashing Style readers! I’m Donna from, a lifestyle blog that focuses on making style and beauty simple for the everyday woman. I’ve lived in New York City for about seven years now, and STILL won’t get used to the winter months. It can get unbelievably frigid and I can definitely get into cabin fever mode. However, I always make an effort to make the most out of any situation and I consider winter to be a very beautiful season.  
I love trying out different restaurants in New York and have fallen in love with The St. Austere in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. If you haven’t tried their polenta dish, I suggest you put that on your to-do list this weekend. I mean, everything on their menu is mind blowingly delicious, but that is my favorite dish- especially during the cold.   
While dining out and treating yourself to really hearty dishes during the winter is tempting, I try not to do it TOO often.  So, in order for me to stay in shape, I take dance classes as much as I can. Alvin Ailey Extension often has deals and packages so you can always find something within your interest and budget. Starting next week, I’ll be attending classes at the NYC Dance Arts and learning from my new friend Dania. Fun fact, I used to be a hip hop dancer as a teenager up until my freshman year in college at NYU, but due to the pressure of school and to pursue other interests, I never found the time to attend classes that were also within my budget. But for me, I’ve never been a fan of the gym and always considered dancing my main source of fitness.    
And of course, what’s a list of things to do without sharing some of my favorite fashion and beauty spots? For fashion I love browsing through What Goes Around Comes Around for gorgeous vintage pieces and one-of-a-kind clothing. I love winter fashion: the coats, bauble, boots, and scarves. Layering during the winter is so much fun and it’s an excuse to step outside your box to really stand out.   
And of course, treating yourself to the spa is always appropriate. I love going to Haven Spa in SoHo to get the Taj-Ma-Toes treatment. It’s not your everyday in-and-out spa pedicure- they give you a chai tea latte to indulge in during your treatment and give you a hot rock massage! Such a necessity during the wintery months!

Donna, thanks again for sharing your amazing spots. (I used to dance too so maybe we can schedule a class together soon)!  And be sure to check out Donna's newly revamped website for tons of amazing beauty and style tips.