Amazing *last minute* Valentine's Gifts

So tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Are you ready? Did you forget? Are you panicked over a last minute gift? Have no fear! You can still pull together a fantastic and thoughtful gift in no-time. 

You see, I was inspired when last year for Christmas one of my co-workers gave me a "favorite things" themed gift. She picked out things she knew I loved and gave it to me with a card saying "these are a few of your favorite things." It has stuck in my mind as one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received. And isn't that what gift giving (and Valentine's in particular) is all about? 

As someone who has, on multiple occasions, bought my mother all of her Christmas stocking presents at CVS* I feel very qualified to tell you the best way to buy last-minute gifts...that nobody will suspect were last minute. Drug stores and grocery stores (depending on where you live) are a hot-bed of sneaky-good ideas. Grab your loved one their favorite cocktail, magazine and candy and call it a day. You get a bonus if you grab a gift card for their morning coffee, or any sort of beauty product. Wrap it all up with a card mentioning their favorite things (which is of course 100% sincere, because we are sincere...we're just procrastinators...*cough* Dad) and call it a day. 

one / two / three*you can gift this on the app! / four / five / six / seven


*Because that is the only place that is open at 11:39pm on Christmas Eve when your darling father informs you he has yet to purchase anything...I mean, it is just the stocking, but still...