Palm Springs

Last week Mike and I headed to Palm Springs for a little West Coast adventure. Most of the area looked like a post card and, as the name might indicated, there were a lot of palm trees.

Here are a few snap shots from the trip...

On the way there, I took a lot of pictures of the clouds. (Because I think they are pretty magical). 
*I took better ones with my real camera that I will post soon. 

We stayed at the Viceroy. And felt pretty sweet about that since most people there looked very LA-cool. 

To undo our Christmas eating sins, we laced up our matching footwear and decided to go hiking.

We were successful in reaching the top, and we got so excited that we dislocated our arms...just kidding, but seriously isn't that gross looking?

It was actually easier going up. (I do not recommend Nike Frees for hiking). 

We also dabbled in some more (less strenuous) outdoor activities like golf. 

The golf was easy to get behind, because the courses had a lot of the post-card situation going on too.

But it wasn't all exercise. 

We were also treated to champagne.


And it wasn't just fruit and champagne. We also ate some amazing meals. Namely, Mister Parkers at the Parker. I highly recommend you stop in for both the food and the decor. 

Then I took some selfies in the bathroom...

...because when I asked Mike to take a picture of me, it turned out like this. 

Then we rang in the new year with all of the essential ingredients (sparkles + champagne). 

On the way home, we flew over the Grand Canyon...

...and the Rocky Mountains. 

I had an Oprah-ah-hah moment on the plane. Sometimes living in New York, among the buildings and the concrete, you forget how beautiful the natural world is. This year I commit to spending less money on shoes, and more money exploring, because when you get home you never remember how much the trip was, and you never forget how much fun you had. 

It was a great way to kick off what will surely be an amazing 2013. 

{If you enjoyed this little recap, you can always see more pictures on Instagram}