mini-makeover moment

It's winter. You know what that means. The coats are out, the closets are getting crowded, and the streets are getting wet. Last Friday night we had people over, and I woke up to salt water dried up on the floors (PANIC!). It was time for a mini-makeover. 

You see, this was the entryway before. Not bad, not great. It opens directly into the living room/dining room (gotta love New York apartments). So I had never really known how to create an entry without making it look crowded (and drawing attention to that lovely breaker box/door bell behind the door situation). 

So! It was off to the races. I went to Anthropologie because I figured if we were going to buy hooks, I wanted them to be these elephants and giraffes that I have been pining over. However, upon closer examination I just wasn't sold. They are adorable, but they looked a little small for coats. They might be more appropriate for a bathroom, nursery or jewelry rack. THEN, I found them. These amazing Kiel Mead driftwood hooks made even more amazing because they were on super sale. (Unfortunately they are now sold out at Anthro, but you can buy them here). I thought they would be perfect for our current entry because they compliment the colors of the living room (but I also sneakily thought they would be great to have in my future lake house...*crazy*). 

I also picked up a rug at Anthropologie and two rugs at T.J.Maxx. Unfortunately NONE of them fit under the super low door. I considered keeping them, and just sucking up the door-jamming-as-you-open-it-situation, but then I thought better of it. When I returned the rug at Anthro, I saw these placemats, and thought they looked sturdy enough to pass as a rug. So, I bought two and wa-la! They fit under the door perfectly! In fact, I liked them so much that I immediately added them to our wedding registry too. What? You don't think our plates should go on the same thing as our shoes? I disagree. 

By the way, at some point during the hook hanging the organization monster arrived (hint: it was not me).

But now we have an alphabetized and categorized tool kit with individually labeled zip lock bags full of hardware store goodies (I'm only kidding about the alphabetized part). We also did not have zip lock bags at the time, so I will let you guess how much time was spent on this little project.

Well, that's enough rambling. Are you ready for the grand reveal? 

Not necessarily shelter-magazine worthy, but a vast improvement. No more wet shoes on the wood ever!! (said in a no-more-wire-hangers-voice...obviously).