Guest Series: City Saturdays

Ok guys, I apologize. I feel like I brought this arctic weather upon us with this series. Wasn't it just last week that I was saying winter hadn't even arrived? bad. But, let's look on the bright side! At least we have some great new ways to motivate beyond our front doors (or down comforters....). 

Next up is Taylor from Shut Up I Love That Shirt On You. Her blog and is as witty as it's name, and you are going to love her super hip suggestions for beating the cold. 

"I'm so excited that Ashley asked me to put together a City Saturday list for the Smashing Style readers. I've been living in New York for about two and a half years now. I started up on 83rd street, and in August moved from Chelsea to the East Village. From Avenue A to the Upper East Side, here's just a few of my favorite Saturday haunts in the city: 
  1. Starting the day with Brunch in Brooklyn at Five Leaves - they have amazing fries and whiskey cocktails! 
  2. Then treasure hunting at the Antique Garage in Chelsea on 6th and 25th
  3. Happy hour at Shoolbreds on 12th & 2nd Avenue for a hot toddy to warm up by the fire
  4. And then refueling with dinner (and a great soundtrack) at small and delicious Grape & Grain on 6th and Avenue B
  5. Late night drinks and a little dancing at tiny, dark and cool Chloe, just off Delancy on Ludlow"

A big thanks to Taylor for her fantastic tips. I cannot wait to try them for myself. Also, don't forget to check out our previous contributors Sue and Mackenzie...and stay tuned for more! 

And seriously, sorry about the cold.