Guest Series: City Saturdays

Ok, here is the deal. In fall, I can't wait for winter. The snow, the scarves, the ice skating, and arrives! And MAN! It is SO. Darn. Cold. It makes me want to hole up in my apartment and watch re-runs of Downton Abbey. ALL DAY. Every day. Until May.

And although watching Downton is a great way to pass the afternoon, it's not a great way to pass, say, the entire winter season. Since it has been so unbelievably mild this winter, I can hardly complain. However, winter is coming people and I want us all to be prepared. So, I have reached out to some of my favorite bloggers to help me create a bucket-list of sorts. A list of activities so amazingly fun that no one could possibly choose to stay indoors. We will call the series, "City Saturdays." Each blogger will share some of their favorite ways to pass the time during these winter months, and hopefully, it will inspire us all to have more adventurous weekends.

First up, Sue, from The Zhush.
"Hi! I'm Sue from the blog The Zhush and also the online shop, I live just outside of New York City, and I know first hand that winter time in New York City can be brutal... it's often a very cold and long and long season. In order to avoid going cabin crazy in the big apple, you need a lot of creativity and a few good tips. Visiting one of the city's amazing museums is our favorite activity for a freezing day...the best part is that many of these incredible spots also offer the best cuisine around.  "Untitled" at the Whitney museum is a current favorite, there's also "The Modern" at the MOMA, which has pretty views of the sculpture garden.  Beautiful art and delicious food are a really great way to spend time with friends or family on a frigid day!"
A HUGE thanks to Sue for sharing her ideas (and for being the very first guest post on Smashing Style!!). I cannot wait to check out both the Whitney and the Born out of Necessity exhibit at the MOMA. 

In the meantime, you should all check out Sue's shop! Here are some of my favorites below...