getting back to basics

I'm not sure if it's the New Year, or just the reality of New York apartments, but lately something has me wanting to throw everything out and pare down my wardrobe to just the basics. AND, I have a theory for why this will work...

When I studied abroad in college I had two suitcases. I had two pairs of jeans, one jacket, one sweater, pajamas and some shirts. I took my absolute favorite clothes and for two months I never stressed over my wardrobe. I liked everything I had. I had taken neutrals. I could mix and match. Boom. Boom. Boom. Success.  Right now however, I have two closets (I know, so obnoxious, but I swear they're small!) and in the mornings I struggle to get dressed. I have things that don't fit, that are dated and that just don't match my style anymore. 

So, here is one of my resolutions this year, buy less. A LOT less. Donate, sell and sort the things I have and commit to a small closet of favorite things. It's hard for me to let go of "perfectly good" clothes, but if they've been sitting on my shelves for months (and years) they aren't perfectly good for anyone right now. At least when I get rid of them they might find a new home and some new life. 

Thanks for indulging my Monday musings....Who's with me? 


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