borrowed from the boys

You know those people who have enviable collections of Chanel handbags that their mothers have just handed down to them? Well, I am not one of them. However, I have stolen inherited a few amazing pieces from my dad. You see, my dad's closet is somewhat of a black hole. It has been known to preserve all sorts of fashion mementos from the past. We may or may not have found a fishnet t-shirt in there at one point...but seriously, only maybe (the man has a reputation to protect). 

Regardless, this L.L.Bean sweater from lord knows when (70's, 80's? It's definitely pre-90's...) is one of my best finds and most prized possessions. It garners more compliments than any other piece of clothing I own (expect perhaps my fur hat, which is also my dad's). AND it is super warm, comfortable and classic. In fact, it was the sweater I took abroad...remember how I said I only needed one? 

Lastly, let's not overlook the quality of this sweater that has literally stood the test of time. Get their current version (minus the button) here, and enjoys for years to come. 

Thanks Dad!


*This post was inspired by the IFB Project #80 Menswear For Everyone