what to wear while flying

'Tis the season for holiday travel. Which got me thinking, what should you wear on the airplane? (Doesn't this plague everyone while packing)? After lots of trial and error I have perfected my airplane ensemble (if I do say so myself). Let me break it down for you. 

1. A chic coat that isn't super bulky (and has pockets)! 

2. A scarf (aka blanket) for the arctic airplane environment. 

3. A loose flowy tank that you can wear multiple ways once you arrive. 

4. A structured looking, yet cozy (fleece), jacket for the saharan airplane atmosphere (you never know what you will get). 

5. THE WORLD'S BEST TRAVEL BAG. Let me repeat, the world's best. I am completely obsessed with my purple version, and only wish I had it in black. This is Mary Poppin's 2012 bag people. Throw in your laptop, your camera, your magazines, an extra set of clothes, your youngest child, whatever. This thing is super durable (read washable) and looks polished no matter how much you use it. And you will use it. A lot. 

6. Kate Spade makes the best wallets. I am obsessed with this travel version. I'm obsessed with a lot of things today. 

7. Boots (and mini-socks). Two words: airplane security. Don't attempt barefoot. 

8. Jeans that look nice, but actually feel like pajama pants. This is key. 

9. The cutest carryon luggage, because you are so smart and stylish. 

Wheels up.