what to wear: new year's eve

It's New Year's Eve...just go for it (in the sequins + feathers department that is). 

In the price department, well that is more of a personal choice. I am always blown away by how expensive sequined dresses are! In terms of their usability, they don't really match their price-to-wears ratio. Aka if you buy $200 jeans and wear them 200 times, no big deal. If you buy a $200 dress and wear it once, the dress won. 

But that's just my opinion...if you want to go for the $1,100 dress and wear it once, no judgement! Just call me when you're done! 

After that little spiel though, these dresses are all fairly expensive. Like I said, sequins are pricey. However, Zara has some nice options for under $100, or you can Rent a dress for the night (a great option for NYE). 


P.S. Here is a riddle/hint for you two is one for less than half the price.