what to wear: holiday work party

December: four months of parties squeezed into one. From work, to family, to friends, you have no doubt packed your calendar full of fun events. This week I will be breaking down some of the more common December occasions, and give you an idea of what to wear to each. So you can focus more on the spirit of the holiday, and less on wanting to set fire to your closet (...or is that just me?). 

Today, the holiday work party. I based this look around these fabulous J.Crew pumps, which are a party in and of themselves, so keep everything else simple with black pants and a white blouse. Wear the shirt tucked in for a more tailored look, or leave it loose and flowy for a more casual environment. 

Sidenote: I once had a job where my boss told me I couldn't wear sparkly ballet flats...which was pretty much a deal breaker for me. That being said, if these pumps are too wild for your job (and you don't find that to be a fundamental problem...no judgement) go with a metallic accented pump and throw on a burgundy blazer to make it a little more conservative. 

The bottom line is that you don't have to buy everything here, but you can use these looks as inspiration to help sort through your closet and figure out what you already own to take yourself through this season. I'm always happy to help so if you ever have specific questions about styling your outfits feel free to email me.