building a co-ed bed(room)

Let's be honest. It's hard to find a  balance between a bedroom a girl wants to live in, and a bedroom a guy wants to live in. In a dream world, my bedroom would be white with accents of hot pink, gold and silver (not going to lie to you here). I think my significant other's bedroom would be a lot more wood paneling, plaid and leather (basically, he would like to live in a country club locker room). I totally respect that, but when it comes time to build your bedroom together, you have to factor in both viewpoints (see ya plaid). 

While perusing my Pinterest boards, I realized that I almost exclusively pin like white beds. Thankfully, Mike is on board with this. (However, white sheets and bedding are kind of hard to keep white. Am I the only one that thinks they yellow? Do you guys have any tips?). So, while thinking about what type of bedding to register for, I came across this bedroom. I love that it's white, but not totally white. The mismatched bedding keeps it relaxed, and the fur and neutral colors keep it pleasing to the male eye. In truth, I really like a mismatched bed...the whole bed-in-a-bag look is just too contrived. I love how effortless and cozy this bedroom looks (not to mention how reasonably priced every piece is). I think this will be our winning registry situation. Just to keep you all updated. I know you were on the edge of your seat.