wedding registry: the bathroom

With a wedding down the road, we are starting to look at our registry options. It is simultaneously exciting and kind of a nerve-wracking (in an extreme first-world-problem sort of way). Exciting because, well, you get to register for gifts. A drag because as New Yorkers we want to be careful not to over-register since the lack of closet space, and space in general, is fairly prohibitive. (Not to mention that nobody wants a bunch of junk sitting around that they "thought" they should have). Last week, my friend Alison recommended I check out the Real Simple Registry Checklist. As she put it, "It's a simplified list that doesn't insist you register for four tablecloths per-season," which point I said, "What is a tablecloth?"

The list is broken down into sections. So let's discuss what they recommend for the bathroom: 

  • two bathrobes 
  • one bath mat
  • two bath sheets
  • four to six bath towels
  • four to six hand towels
  • four to six wash cloths
  • one shower curtain & liner 
  • one soap dish
  • one toothbrush holder
  • one hamper
  • one waste basket

Even cut down, that seems extensive. I for one could probably survive without a shower curtain, toothbrush holder, soap dish and wash that disgusting? And why do you need a bath mat? 

All that being said. Let's consider what a bathroom inspired by the Real Simple Checklist might look like. I left out some things and added others...

3. shower curtain (I would monogram this bad boy)
5. mint julep toothbrush holder (use the others around the house)
6. guest toothbrushes (always good to have on hand) 
7. hand towels (so cute as a gift)
8. soap
9. soap dish (perfectly re-purposed)
10. hamper

So do you married ladies out there have any advice? Do you like the Real Simple list? Is there stuff missing? Stuff you can live without? We will be breaking down the other sections over the next few weeks so stay tuned!