spotlight on: confetti system


I bet you didn't even know designer garland was missing from your life. Alas, it was. 

Don't worry, ConfettiSystem is here to save the day. Nicholas Andersen and Julie Ho, the creative forces behind ConfettiSystem, use simple products like paper, to create beautiful garlands, pinatas, jewelry and more. And they're not just doing this on a small scale. They have done installations for the likes of J.Crew, Lanvin, Beyonce, Martha Stewart..the list goes on. 

So, you know, they're kind of a big deal. 



More recently, they launched a collaboration with West Elm, making their incredible work even more accessible.

I have yet to figure out exactly where I need some ConfettiSystem in my life, but I know that I do. I love the idea of stringing one strand of garland (or two or ten) above a bed in place of a headboard. Anybody with me?