holiday gift guide for him

This guide has street-cred people. Mike helped me select most of the items himself. Yup just a little QT couples blogging. (He would also like to know if this means he will get everything on his list...probably not). BUT he does have a killer sense of quality and style

You see, the nice thing about buying clothes for a man, is that men's clothing is more classic and versatile than women's clothing. Men can wear the same outfit to work and dinner...and then mix it up with a new pair of shoes for the weekend. I can only strive to achieve the same for myself. 

Lesson? Some of these pieces are a bit pricey, but you can be sure they are an investment your man will wear for years.

Also, as you may have guessed, the man loves him some golf. If you're looking for a golfer gift, I highly recommend a range finder. It's a gadget...for sports...enough said. 

Remember, this is man-approved. Buy with confidence.


P.S. I also own this fur hat (because I stole it from my dad). All I can say is everyone should own one. Warm. Soft. Perfect. The end.