Advent Calendar

Last year we started a tradition...

You see, the minute the Thanksgiving dishes are cleared, I'm all in on the holiday cheer. Christmas music and tree decorating. Mistletoe and lights. Santa or Hanukkah. I don't care. I have no shame. So naturally, when I saw these homemade Advent Calendars in Martha Stewart, I couldn't resist the idea of creating a month of presents for Mike. The Advent Calendar began. 

But, since he is an avid blog reader, you will have to click below to hear more...

You see, the deal with the Advent Calendar is this. They aren't all fancy gifts. In fact, it's more like a stocking spread out over a month. Deodorant, candy, q-tips, ornaments, you get the idea. Bottom line: It's a fun thing to look forward to each day and it gets us in the holiday spirit. (It also instantly fills the base of the Christmas tree and makes the apartment look festive). 

This year, in an effort to save some trees, I wrapped the presents in recycled paper bags from Whole Foods and tinsel. (Fun fact: 18 feet of tinsel cost $1 at the drug store...cut it up and that trumps expensive wrapping paper and ribbon every time). 

So, without further ado, here is a peek at a few of his gifts this year. 


{a handy book}


{candle. mostly for me....nobody is perfect.}

There are still a few days before December 1...

Will you be making an Advent (or Hanukkah) calendar this year?