the beauty of the uniform

Sometimes an article just speaks to you. Like this one My 'Uniform' Style Has Simplified My Life written by Simone Kitchens for the Huffington Post. The article talks about how Kitchens has, over the years, discovered what silhouettes work for her, and stuck to them. Creating her own 'uniform'...and really, who doesn't want the sometimes arduous process of getting dressed simplified?
I may not wear the same exact clothes everyday, but I do loosely follow my own self-imposed style guidelines -- when I'm shopping for new clothes and when I'm searching my closet for something to wear. It's when I stray from these unofficial rules that I find myself in trouble, or panicking, sweaty and usually late to wherever I need to be because I can't find anything that works. I'd like to say I had some epiphany one day, and knew what I wanted my look to consist of, but it took years (and a process of elimination) to find the shapes and silhouettes that worked best for my body.
I found Kitchens' advice simultaneously freeing and empowering. You know what? It's ok if you know that white jeans will never work on you, and arm parties make you look ridiculous (that's me). Find what works, and use that as your guideline when shopping (and cleaning out your closet). 

Which got me to thinking...what does my uniform look like? 

When you know what works, you can afford to spend a little more, because you know you will wear it again and again. You can also look for things on sale. My dear friend Jessie is the queen of sample sale/holiday sale/friends and family sale shopping. She has taught me that when you know what you're looking for you can get it for a fraction of the price, and you will never have buyers remorse. 

I hope this inspires you to become your own personal editor, and to create your best personal wardrobe.  What does your uniform look like? 


P.S. Be sure to click through to Kitchens' article to see the celebrities who have established a uniform.