DIY: Glitter Loafers

I saw these beautiful Nicholas Kirkwood loafers on Instagram, and was instantly inspired to try and create my own. Click below for full instructions.  


You will need:
loafers (I used these from Urban Outfitters)
Aleene's Crystal Clear Tacky Spray 
Mod Podge Super Hi-Shine Clear Acrylic Sealer 
Martha Stewart Glitter Glue 
ric-rac trim
a foam brush 

Start with your loafers and figure out where you want the glitter to start. Mark it with chalk or a rubber band. Tape off the bottom of your shoe. I didn't do this. Learn from my mistake. 

Paint the glitter glue on the toe of your shoe with a foam brush.

Pour the glitter on the glue. Use two bowls so you can just keep pouring the glitter back and forth.

Let them dry overnight. 

Cut holes in old socks, and cover the rest of your shoes to prepare them for the glue spray. 

Spray the toes with Aleene's Crystal Clear Tacky Spray. Apply more glitter. Repeat until you are satisfied with your glitter situation. Hint: more is more. Let dry overnight. 

The next day, spray the shoes with the Mod Podge Super Hi-Shine Clear Acrylic Sealer. I applied two coats (let dry for ten minutes in between). After your final coat, let them over night. 

Remove the socks. If you used rubber bands remove those too. Don't be discouraged if they break (mine did) just be patient and peel them off. 

Apply the Fabri-Tak along the seam of the glitter. Place the ric-rac trim on top of the glue.

Repeat on both shoes. Obviously. Let dry overnight.

Enjoy! You are a DIY rockstar.