Thanks to Juno, I had a few extra days off this week. It was predictably delightful and I was able to catch up on my to-do list which included tackling my catalog pile. As a kid I used to love getting the Pottery Barn catalog in the mail. I would leaf through it and imagine all the things I would do with my own space.

Now however, catalogs tend to pile up until I get some extra time. However, I keep the around because I still enjoy leafing through the pages and seeing what's new. The catalog is still more fun than the Internet. I always spy something that I haven't seen in stores or online yet. I love a custom or vintage piece as much as the next girl, but sometimes a catalog has just what you need. Most decorators use at least a few in their projects. After all, everyone loves a deal. 

Here are a few gems that caught my eye this week. Links and stores are below. 

Catalog Quickies