After living in our new apartment for about six months we are fairly settled (aka we're at the point where it's not embarrassing to have people over). However, we still have some things to check of the decorating to-do list. 

A couple of people have asked for a full scope of the project…so here is what we are still working on. 

Foyer (such a generous term, it's basically 5'x5')

  • Select wallpaper (or possibly paint)
  • Get a rug
  • Consider a new light fixture for the foyer and the hallway
  • Fix chipped paint on the entry table


  • Done! 
  • This picture doesn't show the art, but it's all hung. I'll get it photographed nicely so you can see the pictures soon.

Living Room

  • Decide on paint for walls. I still really love the idea of this Ralph Lauren Paint. We did things a bit backwards though, so instead of painting first (like a normal person) we decorated the room. To paint, we are going to have to take everything down and move all of the furniture. On top of that, this technique takes a few days to apply. Nobody likes living in chaos so this hasn't been really appealing. Not to mention that my job and travel schedule are jam packed. I hope this will get done in January or February. 
  • Get new end tables (something lower and longer). 
  • Possibly get new lamps (definitely get new lamp shades). I'm the Goldilocks of lighting. I could open a small boutique with all of the lamps I have purchased. 


  • Monogram shower curtain (I know, I know. I can't even take myself seriously with this one). 
  • Decide on paint color/style. I wanted to do a jungle leaf like this pattern, but Mike said I was "going rogue." Then I swear on my life, he told me to "Do something normal like polka dots." Um, what? Who did I marry? But maybe polka dots are a good idea? Stay tuned. 


  • Decide on wall color. Are you noticing a trend here? 
  • Paint dresser (see this post). This has gotten pushed off because now it is full of clothes and the thought of removing everything and then trying to paint it IN MY APARTMENT (with all of my beloved rugs) makes me squeamish. But I will do it. 
  • Get new sconces for next to the bed. 
  • Get new bedding to go with the headboard. I love these quilts, but am trying to decide just how many patterns to mix. I know we can't go wrong with a gorgeous white duvet.
  • Possibly find a new home for my beloved pink chair. Mike thinks it's a waste of space and I hate to admit that he's probably right. But, it looks exactly like one my great grandmother had so I can't part with it forever. Now we just have to see if someone will store it for us until we have somewhere to use it. (But I love the chair, so I'm putting this off).

That was probably more information (and bad iPhone pictures) than you ever wanted. Let me know what you think!